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Blogger, Speaker, Attorney

If your highest values are Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom, you’re in the right place. Nicole is a woman on a mission. Her life story has taken her on a journey from an upper-middle class stay-at home wife and mom, to a jobless single mother, to living a life of joy, peace, and freedom. With years of experience as a licensed family lawyer and her personal triumph over despair, Nicole answered her call to help others to do the same. As a result, Now With Nicole was created to help women get real with their faith, family, and finances.

A native Texan, Nicole holds a journalism degree and a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a certified mediator and crisis counselor and the co-founder and director of Our Daughters and Sons’ Keepers, Inc.- a non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse. She makes her home in Houston where she builds a thriving business while raising a healthy, happy family.

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Blogger, Speaker, Attorney

If your highest values are Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom, you’re in the right place. is dedicated to helping children, women, and couples bring harmony to their faith, family, and finances.

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“I’m allergic to everything!”

Our resident Healthy Kid Kitchen Helper- and blogger in the making- who helps his peers live with food allergies.



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Bible studies, “Conversations with Nikki and B,” videos,  Hangouts, and thoughts on Christianity.

 Family over everything- except Faith! Talk about parenting, marriage, and all things relationships here.

 Money talk for women, couples, and children.

 Our journey through homeschooling as well as product reviews.

The opinions given here should not be construed as personal legal advice.

 Black America local and national current events, in the news, and in entertainment.

Straight (as in real) girl talk and a celebration of women and sisterhood.

All Things Mom!

Living after a divorce including special posts for divorced moms working to make life normal for their children.

 Natural home remedies, cleaning supplies, and hair- of course!


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  • What do you need from the legislature to stop this from happening again? Body cameras for all (you're doing that), 10-hour work day #TxLege

    Nicole about 5 hours ago
  • Thanks, @GeneforTexas for asking about pre-text stops and for records on traffic tickets and arrests on traffic tickets alone. #TXLege

    Nicole about 5 hours ago
  • @RepStickland, "Is it illegal for an officer to lie during a stop? Nutshell, McCraw said it depends on the situation. #TxLege #SandraBland

    Nicole about 5 hours ago

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