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If your highest values are Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom, you’re in the right place. Nicole is a woman on a mission. Her life story has taken her on a journey from an upper-middle class stay-at home wife and mom, to a jobless single mother, to living a life of joy, peace, and freedom. She uses her 14 years of legal experience and her personal triumph over despair to help others do the same.

A native Texan, Nicole holds a journalism degree and a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas at Austin. She uses her legal expertise to help veterans, families with special needs, and homeschooling parents protect their families’ legacies. She is also the founder and operator of Money Fit Kids, A Financial Literacy Program for Children, where she aids our youth in developing the skills necessary to prevent future financial mistakes.

Additionally, Nicole uses her passion and calling to serve others in her role as a classical school speech teacher at Home Education Partnership, certified mediator, and sexual abuse prevention advocate. Additionally, she continues to partner with various non-profit organizations while serving as the director of Our Daughters and Sons’ Keepers, Inc.- a non-profit that advocates on behalf of child and sexual abuse prevention. Nicole makes her home in Houston where she builds a thriving business while raising a healthy, happy family.

Nicole Pays It Forward:

Volunteerism and Honors


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The Work We Do

What will be your legacy?

Family First Legacy Building

 Law and Legacy Building

Our mission is to help veterans, families with special needs, and homeschooling parents protect their families’ legacies. To further this calling, we provide our clients with legal services in the areas of estate, benefits, and long-term care planning; adult guardianships, and homeschool legal consultation and defense.

The Worthy Project- Because You Are Worthy 

Freedom Day and Teen Domestic Violence 

This Worthy Project video was done in honor of National Freedom Day (2-1-2014), Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and Relationship Wellness Month. I include a song that I wrote during a special 40-Day praise and prayer time I am having.  As stated in other videos, I am a vocally challenged song writer.  Don’t hold the non-singing against me. More videos.

Christians, Vision Boards, and The Law of Attraction

This Worthy Project video was done in response to a message board discussion I read asking whether vision boards were demonic. This topic was further addressed in our blog as it relates to Christian Entrepreneurs.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33. More videos.


Money Fit Kids

An Early Financial Literacy Program

“Master Your Money, Don’t Let Your Money Master You!”


After working with women and couples to master a healthy mindset with marriage and money, Nicole recognized a significant need to educate and empower financial literacy from an early age. In an effort to encourage our youth to make healthy financial decisions from the beginning, Money Fit Kids was created.

To find out how you can bring Money Fit Kids to your home or business, contact us at

Adventure Kids Talk Show produced and hosted by Money Fit Kids campers.

Click the photo to view footage from our Adventure Kids Talk Show created, written, produced, and hosted by a group of our Money Fit Kids campers. 

Our Money Fit Programs

2nd-5th Grade

A financial literacy program designed to teach kids how money really works and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Money Fit Kids uses an original curriculum, age-appropriate board games, books, field trips, and movies to cover topics such as how to earn income, budgeting and wise spending, the gift of giving, saving and investing, how income and sales taxes works, and debt avoidance in college planning and life. Additionally, the participants will explore and develop their natural gifts and talents in order to use them to make money. Finally, the students will have the opportunity to start their own businesses with ongoing legal and business mentoring.

*Children in this class must have completed the 2nd grade by the beginning of the session.*

For more information about early childhood literacy, contact us today at Money Fit

Money Fit Kids Summer Camp: Board work time!

6th-12th Grade

A financial literacy program designed to teach students the truth about money and the value of business ownership. In addition to the lessons taught to the 2nd-5th grade students, participants will draft their own realistic budget, learn the good and bad of compound interest, and the benefit of choosing cash over credit.

*Children in this class must have completed the 6th grade by the beginning of the session.*

Both programs may be offered as a camp, after-school activity, or elective. To sign-up your school, church, organization, or individual child and for more information, contact us today. If you are interested in booking Nicole to speak about raising a Money Fit Kid, read more.

For more information about Money Fit Kids, an Early Financial Literacy Program, please contact us at

A business logo drafted by our teens.


Our “Young Entrepreneur Program for Girls” affords the participants the opportunity to learn more about famous entrepreneurs; tap into their own gifts, talents, and ideas that they can immediately turn into a business, and draft their own business plan. Additionally, each girl will receive access to legal resources and ongoing mentoring for her business. This program can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

A Parent’s Praise for Money Fit Kids

“My husband and I feel that financial literacy should start at an early age to help kids become financially savvy young adults who can make healthy financial decisions and wake up an entrepreneurial spirit within.

We have always discussed the lack of finance tools in schools starting at a young age. Nicole was a wonderful teacher who used age appropriate tools to teach and Galilea genuinely looked forward each and every morning to her class. I hope that you continue to offer this camp and help start a new generation of Wildcats that will have the advantage in becoming financially successful in the future using God’s words as a guide and programs like this one.

P.S. – Nicole, Galilea loved her Pink Calculator she received from you. Thank you!”

If you are a homeschooling family, head over to

Freedom Bound Academy

to learn more about our homeschool courses and programs.


2616 South Loop West Freeway

Suite 552

Houston, Texas 77054


Contact us for more information and to sign-up your child today!

Houston Youth Debate

 Bayou City Youth Competitive Speech and Debate Squad

After noticing the need for a program that equips young Houstonians to become great thinkers, orators, and mediators, Bayou City Youth Competitive Speech and Debate Squad was founded by Attorney Nicole Huffman. The purpose of our squad is to help children build their confidence and become great communicators.

Membership Details:

Age 10-14 by October 1, 2016

Compete in at least one tournament per year

Attend 75% of all meetings

Meetings Location:

Money Fit Kids Office

2616 South Loop West Freeway

Suite 525

Houston, Texas 77054

Near NRG Stadium

Meetings Time:

Homeschool Students- Tuesday, 1:45-2:45 pm

All Students- 3:45-4:45 pm

Students may attend either meeting.

Program Investment:

Fall Semester- September 6- December 13 (15 Classes)

$300 ($20 per class)

Spring Semester- January 3- May 2 (16 Classes)

$320 ($20 per class)

Fall and Spring Semesters- September 6- May 2 (31 Classes)

$558 ($18 per class)

There is a 15% discount for each additional family member

Included in Membership:

Weekly meetings

One tournament entry fee

For more information, contact us at

 Register Today!

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