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If your highest values are Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom, you’re in the right place. Nicole is a woman on a mission. Her life story has taken her on a journey from an upper-middle class stay-at home wife and mom, to a jobless single mother, to living a life of joy, peace, and freedom. With years of experience as a licensed family lawyer and personally experiencing victory over despair, Nicole answered her call to help others to do the same. As a result, Now With Nicole Enterprises was created to help women, couples, and children live in freedom by bringing harmony to their faith, family, and finances. By way of its three divisions, Successfully Ever After, Money Fit Kids, and The Law and Legacy Building Firm, NWN is equipped to educate, empower, and encourage your pursuit of peace.

A native Texan, Nicole holds a journalism degree and a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas at Austin. She is also the c0-founder and director of Our Daughters and Sons’ Keepers, Inc.- a non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse. She makes her home in Houston where she builds a thriving business while raising a healthy, happy family.

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The Work We Do

What will be your legacy?

Family First Legacy Building

 Law and Legacy Building

At Now With Nicole, we are dedicated to helping our clients protect their family’s structure and build a lasting legacy. To further this calling, the legal services we provide through The Law and Legacy Building Firm include narrowly focused family law services, estate planning and legacy building, homeschool legal defense, and speaking appearances.

 Money Fit Kids

After working with women and couples to master a healthy mindset with marriage and money, Nicole recognized a significant need to educate and empower financial literacy from an early age. In an effort to encourage our youth to make healthy financial decisions from the beginning, Money Fit Kids was created.

The Worthy Project- Because You Are Worthy 

Freedom Day and Teen Domestic Violence 

This Worthy Project video was done in honor of National Freedom Day (2-1-2014), Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and Relationship Wellness Month. I include a song that I wrote during a special 40-Day praise and prayer time I am having.  As stated in other videos, I am a vocally challenged song writer.  Don’t hold the non-singing against me. More videos.

Christians, Vision Boards, and The Law of Attraction

This Worthy Project video was done in response to a message board discussion I read asking whether vision boards were demonic. This topic was further addressed in our blog as it relates to Christian Entrepreneurs.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33. More videos.


Now With Nicole Estate Planning Series

   Build and Protect

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Now With Nicole invites you to join us throughout the month of October as we celebrate Family History Month by getting our family matters in order. We will be hosting a Google Hangout every Tuesday, 7 pm CST throughout the month of October.

Hangout Schedule

October 7, 2014- 7pm CST

Why You Need a Will and May Need More: The Estate Planning Series

Hangout with Attorney Nicole Huffman as she discusses the base level documents that everyone should consider in estate planning.

October 14, 2014- 7 pm CST

Why Parents of Minor Children Need Wills and More: The Estate Planning Series

Join Now With Nicole as we take a look at the unique estate planning issues that arise for parents of minor children. We will discuss how to plan for potential problems that are often overlooked. Whether you are single or married, this is a Hangout you will not want to miss.

October 21, 2014- 7 pm CST

How to Plan Your Estate When You Have Children Who Are Not Your Spouse’s

Tune-in as Now With Nicole dishes on estate planning tips for blended families. If you have a child who is not the child of your current spouse, you should be here!

October 28, 2014- 7 pm CST

What Texas Common Law Married Couples Should Know About Estate Planning

Hangout with Attorney Nicole Huffman as she provides estate planning tips for common law married couples in Texas.

Now With Nicole Estate Planning Series Google Hangouts

Why Parents of Minor Children Need Wills and More

Join Now With Nicole as we take a look at important estate planning issues all parents of minor children should know. We will discuss how to plan for potential problems that are often overlooked by parents. Who will get custody of the children after you die? Who will guard the child’s property? How responsible is the potential guardian? Whether you are single or married, join the Hangout to talk about these questions and more. You may view the entire schedule for the series here.

Why You Need a Will and May Need More

In honor of Family History Month, join Now With Nicole throughout October as we discuss leaving a positive legacy behind for your family. In this first installment, we address the basic estate planning documents you should have to help protect your family. Estate planning is for everyone- even single, unmarried persons without children. Death brings about a side to people you may not normally see. Thoughtful planning can be used to promote peace and discourage bad behavior. View the entire schedule here.

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Join us in October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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