Dying Without a Will and Texas Common Law Marriages

Hangout with Attorney Nicole Huffman as she provides estate planning tips for common law married couples in Texas. Visithttp://MiriamNicoleHuffman.com/#section-now-nicole-legacy-building-series for information about the other Hangouts in this legacy building series.

Why Parents of Minor Children Need Wills and More: The Estate Planning Series

Join Now With Nicole as we take a look at important estate planning issues all parents of minor children should know. We will discuss how to plan for potential problems that are often overlooked by parents. Who will get custody of the children after you die? Who will guard the child’s property? How responsible is the potential guardian? Whether you are single or married, join the Hangout to talk about these questions and more. You may view the entire schedule for the series here.

The Bare Minimum Estate Planning Documents: The Estate Planning Series

What Will Be Your Legacy?

In honor of Family History Month, join Now With Nicole throughout October as we discuss leaving a positive legacy behind for your family. In this first installment, we address the basic estate planning documents you should have to help protect your family. Estate planning is for everyone- even single, unmarried persons without children. Death brings about a side to people you may not normally see. Thoughtful planning can be used to promote peace and discourage bad behavior.

The Quip Simulcast: Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, and Protecting the LGBT Community

The Quip Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast

Uncovering Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, Protecting the LGBT Community, and More

July 9, 2014

Join us for tonight’s episode of The Quip Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast as we cover the Hobby Lobby ruling, laws affecting women and the LGBT community, and much more. 

Now With Nicole Radio- Co-Ed Restrooms, Jail for Over-paying Child Support, Robin Thicke’s Crying


Welcome to Now With Nicole Radio

Air Date- July 2, 2014

On today’s episode of The Quip/Now With Nicole, we are talking Houston’s gender neutral bathroom law and it’s impact on children, going to jail for over-paying child support and seeing your child too much, and public displays of love gone wrong. Listen to the podcast or watch the Google Simulcast.

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