Now With Nicole: Sorority Sisters vs. Scandal- Why Shonda Gets a Pass and Mona Scott Young Does Not

On today’s episode of Now With Nicole, we are discussing the boycott of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters;’ why start boycotting now, and how is the portrayal of Black women on reality TV any worse than that on Shonda Rhimes’s shows.

Letting Go of Temporary Relationships (and Jobs) to Receive Permanent Ones

There Is a Season for Everything Under the Sun

In today’s episode of Now With Nicole we discuss letting go of dead or dying relationships (and careers) to make room for ones that breathe life into you. I talk about the day I discovered I was a back-up friend and my response. Also discussed is what happens when we hang on to “in the meantime” jobs past the “meantime.”

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Blaming the NFL and Parental Failure

As October 1st marks the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we will be taking the time to discuss this important issue. The entire NFL organization has been front and center in the headlines lately as the poster child for “how not to handle domestic violence.” However, while many are blaming the NFL for some of their players abhorrent off-field behavior, very few are mentioning the root cause. It is very unlikely that those who feel entitled to commit physical acts of violence against another person only started to feel that way when they became professional football players. In all likelihood, this sense of entitlement started when they were little league “stars.”

Often, when a child is discovered to be a sports prodigy, everything in his life- and his parents- begins to revolve around making him the best that he can be. It’s not about making him the best person he can be, but the best ball player he can be. Instead of teaching and guiding the child in how to treat people properly, some of the parents of this future millionaires start to view their children as a “come up,” a way out of bad situation, a commodity. There are also those parents who may not go that far, however, they wish to live vicariously through their children. They want their child to achieve what they could not- greatness. In an effort not to upset the “cash cow,” parents and lower level coaches will look the other way when it comes to bad behavior. This parental failure fosters the wrong attitude that the young athlete is untouchable. When he has grown up believing that he can do whatever he wants as long as he performs on the field, it is not too surprising when he grows up to believe that he can do as he pleases off the field.

Abusers don’t just happen overnight, they are often raised that way. For more on this topic, join us for tonight’s episode of Now With Nicole Radio as we discuss “Domestic Violence, the NFL, and Parental Failure.

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Now With Nicole Radio Sept. 3, 2014- Dealing With Difficult Relationships

Sometimes No Response Is the Best Response

Tune-in for tonight’s episode of Now With Nicole as we discuss how to stop your in-laws from becoming out-laws and why it is not necessary to be friends with your ex in order for you to co-parent effectively. You may listen to the show here.

Now With Nicole Radio- Josh Gordan Vs. Ray Rice

On Air

Things that Do Not Make Sense

On tonight’s episode of “Now With Nicole”- Josh Gordon’s suspension for marijuana use versus Ray Rice’s 2-day suspension for domestic abuse; adults picking on children; careless, and committing fraud against your spouse or child. If video is not working, please tune- in at

Now With Nicole: Ferguson, President Obama’s Non-Response Response, Modern Day Apartheid, and Looting

Not This, Again!

August 20, 2014

Now With Nicole Radio Podcast

On today’s  #podcast  and  #hangout  simulcast , join us as we discuss the issue in Ferguson, why President Obama should care about being called out on his non-response, and reasons they are “rioting” and why this is bigger than Missouri. Tune-in here.

Stephen A. Smith Versus Michelle Beadle and Raising a Generation of “Bad Bitches”

On Air

Why Stephen A. Smith Was Right… Sort Of

Recently, ESPN2’s “First Take” sportscaster- Stephen A. Smith was suspended for comments regarded as some to mean that abused women can be to blame by provoking men to violence. His colleague, Michelle Beadle took to Twitter to display her disgust and dismay by comparing Smith’s comments to someone getting sexually assaulted for wearing a skirt. As a survivor and advocate, I find Beadle’s comment emotion baiting and in extremely poor taste.

There is a difference between a woman, minding her business, walking down the street who gets accosted by a man and a woman, who decides she wants to put her hands on a man.

It is no surprise, however, that so many are outraged by Smith’s comment which was taken completely out of context. At no time did he blame a domestic violence victim for being abused. Maybe he could have chosen better wording, maybe not. The point he made, however, cannot rationally be disputed- people need to keep their hands to themselves or bad things could happen. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the BB Movement (BBM) has taken over and some believe that the “BBs” bad behavior is acceptable because of their sex.

When matters such as abuse arise, many want to end the conversation with, “Men shouldn’t hit women- period.” Where there is a period in that sentence, however, there should be a comma. The reality is that men should not hit women and women should not hit men. Domestic violence is domestic violence whether it’s the man or the woman who is the abuser. We have been sucked into the “BBM” when we teach our girls and young women that it is okay for them to behave in any unruly manner they want because of their gender. Not only is this problematic, but it is dangerous, because getting physical with the wrong person could end the girl’s life.

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“Stephen A. Smith versus Michelle Beadle and Domestic Violence in Sports”

All people need to learn not to hit others. Self-control is not just for men. The only issue I take with Smith is that provocation becomes a moot point when each person decides to control his or her own actions. As a believer in Christ, one of the major lessons I was taught was to pursue peace as much as it is up to me and to not be a stumbling block for my brother. Any person who puts their hands on another- be it man-on-woman, woman-on-man, man-on-man, or woman-on-woman, he or she has violated this principle and may face the consequences of doing so. This does not mean that abuse is right; it just means that it is a very real possibility when you act violently. Being a “bad b” can get you killed.

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Why Tony Dungy Was Right; Michael Sam Should Shut Up and Play Ball; Pam Oliver’s Demotion and Social Media, and More

On Air

The Quip Radio Show

July 23, 2014 

On this episode of the Quip questions are raised about people not being able to have a valid opinion without being persecuted by the media. Newsflash, everything is not because you are gay, black, or a white man, sometimes, you just aren’t qualified. Tony Dungy was right. Michael Sam is a distraction who is acting like a super star without having played one down in the NFL. Also I opine on whether the hate that was thrown towards Pam Oliver and her hair by some in the African American community led to her demotion at Fox. Listen to the re-play. If you prefer video, watch now.

Now With Nicole Radio: Apologizing, Relationship Boundaries, and Throwing Your Spouse Under the Bus

Now With Nicole Radio

July 16, 2014

In this episode of The Quip, we talk the necessity of apologies within families; in-laws who act like outlaws; setting up healthy boundaries in your relationship, and not throwing your spouse under the bus.  Listen now or watch the podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast.

Now With Nicole Radio- Co-Ed Restrooms, Jail for Over-paying Child Support, Robin Thicke’s Crying

Welcome to Now With Nicole Radio

Air Date- July 2, 2014

On today’s episode of The Quip/Now With Nicole, we are talking Houston’s gender neutral bathroom law and it’s impact on children, going to jail for over-paying child support and seeing your child too much, and public displays of love gone wrong. Listen to the podcast or watch the Google Simulcast.

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