Chivalry Didn’t Just Die, We Killed It

The Quip Podcast

Air Date: 6/18/2014

Now With Nicole: Chivalry Didn’t Just Die, We Killed It

On today’s episode of The Quip, we pose the question, “You Can Do it All, But Why?” Why is it so hard for some of us as women to accept assistance from the opposite sex? We address the negative impact of the “independent movement,” why I will never voluntarily be a stay-at-home mom a second time, striking a healthy balance between autonomy and dependency, and much more.

The Mother’s Day from Hell, Mark Cuban Was Right, Go Whoppi

The Quip/Now With Nicole Podcast

Air Date: 5/22/2014

Now With Nicole: Brian Banks’s Accuser Deserves Jail Time; Mark Cuban Is Right, Whoppi Goldberg Has a Point, A Disastrous Mother’s Day, Unrealistic Moral Expectations, and More

On today’s episode of The Quip- Brian Banks’s Accuser Getting Off With Just a Fine; Why Mark Cuban’s view of prejudice and bigotry is accurate; Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks about hitters should get hit back; A Unhappy Mother’s Day; False expectations by Christians of non-Christians and more.

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