We Are Our Children’s Keepers 

On tonight’s podcast/Google Hangout simulcast of “Now With Nicole,” we will be discussing the education of our children and why we should play the most important role. We will also be doing a review of homeschool curricula and resources. For more information about “Now With Nicole,” you can find us on the web at http://NowWithNicole.com. You may view the Hangout, below, or tune-in to the live radio show here.

Dying Without a Will and Texas Common Law Marriages

Hangout with Attorney Nicole Huffman as she provides estate planning tips for common law married couples in Texas. Visithttp://MiriamNicoleHuffman.com/#section-now-nicole-legacy-building-series for information about the other Hangouts in this legacy building series.

Why Parents of Minor Children Need Wills and More: The Estate Planning Series

Join Now With Nicole as we take a look at important estate planning issues all parents of minor children should know. We will discuss how to plan for potential problems that are often overlooked by parents. Who will get custody of the children after you die? Who will guard the child’s property? How responsible is the potential guardian? Whether you are single or married, join the Hangout to talk about these questions and more. You may view the entire schedule for the series here.

Now With Nicole Radio- Josh Gordan Vs. Ray Rice

On Air

Things that Do Not Make Sense

On tonight’s episode of “Now With Nicole”- Josh Gordon’s suspension for marijuana use versus Ray Rice’s 2-day suspension for domestic abuse; adults picking on children; careless, and committing fraud against your spouse or child. If video is not working, please tune- in athttp://www.toginet.com/shows/nowwithnicole.

Now With Nicole Summer Fit Finances Google Hangout: Juicy Mindset and Money

A Juicy Mindset Equals Juicy Business

In the second installment of Now With Nicole’s Summer Fit Finances Series, we sit down with Deborah “The Connection Queen” Mills and Kara “The Frugal Feminista” Stevens and dish on how to have a juicy mindset and how it can lead to financial success.

Watch the first installment in the series below

Now With Nicole Summer Fit Finances: Real Connections; Real Business

Now With Nicole Summer Fit Finances Google Hangout: Real Connections; Real Business

On Video

Intimate Connections Matter in Business

Did you miss it? If you are you an introvert who was called to be an entrepreneur who needs some encouragement and wisdom, tune-in as Now With Nicole and Vernetta R. Freeney dish on how to survive crazy world of entrepreneurship while remaining true to you.

Watch the second installment in the series below

Now With Nicole Summer Fit Finances Google Hangout: Juicy Mindset and Money

Now With Nicole Summer Fit Finances Preview: Real Connections; Real Business

On Video

The Secret Power of the Introvert to Go Beyond Networking to Connecting

Google Hangout


Nicole Huffman Hollins and Vernetta R. Freeney


Now With Nicole had the pleasure of co-hosting the first part of our Summer Fit Finances Series Google Hangout with Fusion Tour Creator and blogpreneur Vernetta R. Freeney. Watch the re-cap, below, as Vernetta gives some great tips and tricks for how the introverted entrepreneur can survive in a business world that constantly tells us to “put ourselves out there.”

If you are a female entrepreneur looking to enhance your life and business through building lasting connections, you can catch Vernetta at a special Fusion Houston 2014 Summer Stop from 9 am to 12 pm on August 16, 2014. For more information and to connect with Vernetta, you may find her on the web atVernettaRFreeney.com.

“I’m Sorry” Is not a Curse Word and the “Married to the Family” Myth

Now With Nicole Podcast and Google Hangout Simulcast

July 15, 2014

On today’s #Podcast and #googlehangout simulcast, we will be discussing why apologies are necessary within families and how to protect your spouse and guard your marriage from unwanted interference We will also touch on the Elder who was escorted out of TD Jake’s’s church for his book about tithing.


The Quip Simulcast: Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, and Protecting the LGBT Community

The Quip Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast

Uncovering Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, Protecting the LGBT Community, and More

July 9, 2014

Join us for tonight’s episode of The Quip Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast as we cover the Hobby Lobby ruling, laws affecting women and the LGBT community, and much more. 

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