Speech and Critical Thinking Classwork

Grade 3-5

Spring 2017

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YouTube Video on Outlines and Class Grading Policy Changes

Class Syllabus

Important General Class Information

Binder Incentive Information Sheet and RequirementsThis is an optional assignment. There are two required binder assignments that will be due 2/13/2017 and 4/10/2017

Gift Cards Giveaway and Potluck Incentive Information and Requirements

Gift Cards Giveaway and Potluck Incentive Homework Assignments

Final Speech Project Requirements (Due on or before 4/17/2017)

Critical Thinking- Singapore Math Word Problem Mapping (Week 13-24)

Table of Contents- Spring 2017

1/16/2017- Week 13 Assignment Sheet 

1/23/2017- Week 14 Assignment Sheet

1/23/2017- Week 14 Key Word Speech Outline

1/23/2017- Binder Incentive Assignment Due

1/30/2017- Week 15 Assignment Sheet

1/30/2017- Week 15 Key Word Speech Outline

1/30/2017- Binder Incentive Award Given

2/6/2017- Week 16 Assignment Sheet

2/6/2017- Week 16 Key Word Speech Outline

2/13/2017- Week 17 Assignment Sheet

2/13/2017- Required Binder Assignment Due

2/20/2017- Week 18 Assignment Sheet

2/20/2017- Week 18 Key Word Speech Outline

2/27/2017- Story for Week 19 and Week 20

2/27/2017- Week 19 Assignment Sheet 

3/7/2017- Week 20 Assignment Sheet

3/7/2017- Week 20 Key Word Speech Outline

3/27/2017- Week 21 Assignment Sheet

4/3/2017- Week 22 Assignment Sheet

4/3/2017- Week 22 Key Word Speech Outline

4/10/2017- Story for Week 23

4/10/2017- Required Binder Assignment Due

4/10/2017- Week 23 Assignment Sheet

4/20/2017- Week 23 Key Word Speech Outline

4/17/2017- Week 24 Assignment Sheet

4/17/2017- Final Speech Project Due on or Before 4/17/2017

4/17/2017- End of the Year Gift Cards Giveaway and Potluck Incentive Party

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