October 1, 2014 MiNiHol

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Blaming the NFL and Parental Failure

As October 1st marks the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we will be taking the time to discuss this important issue. The entire NFL organization has been front and center in the headlines lately as the poster child for “how not to handle domestic violence.” However, while many are blaming the NFL for some of their players abhorrent off-field behavior, very few are mentioning the root cause. It is very unlikely that those¬†who feel entitled to commit physical acts of violence against another person only started to feel that way when they became professional football players. In all likelihood, this sense of entitlement started when they were little league “stars.”


Often, when a child is discovered to be a sports prodigy, everything in his life- and his parents- begins to revolve around making him the best that he can be. It’s not about making him the best person he can be, but the best ball player he can be. Instead of teaching and guiding the child in how to treat people properly, some of the parents of this future millionaires start to view their children as a “come up,” a way out of bad situation, a commodity. There are also those parents who may not go that far, however, they wish to live vicariously through their children. They want their child to achieve what they could not- greatness. In an effort not to upset the “cash cow,” parents and lower level coaches will look the other way when it comes to bad behavior. This parental failure fosters the wrong attitude that the young athlete is untouchable. When he has grown up believing that he can do whatever he wants as long as he performs on the field, it is not too surprising when he grows up to believe that he can do as he pleases off the field.

Abusers don’t just happen overnight, they are often raised that way. For more on this topic, join us for tonight’s episode of Now With Nicole Radio as we discuss “Domestic Violence, the NFL, and Parental Failure.

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