Jam and His Blinds.com Project

Jam and His Blinds.com Project

Homeschool Courses

All courses are designed for children elementary to high school aged children.

Spiritual Studies

As led by the Spirit.

“What We Believe” Apologia Series


Money Fit Kids

Speech and Book Clubs

Being able to effectively communicate is an important part of life and business. Reading, writing, and speaking are a major component of learning how to present thoughts, information, and ideas. The purpose of our K-12 book and speech clubs is to use an age-appropriate setting, good books, and interesting topics to engage the participants, make them think, and build their comfort level in making formal and informal oral presentations. The students have the opportunity to express their thoughts, rave about their favorite things, and to learn more about something they may never have considered. It is our goal to nurture the children, respect their present confidence level, and then bolster it to help them acquire the communication skills they need to be successful in life and business.

After School Program

Money Fit Kids, a financial literacy program for children (ages 8-17)

Standardized Testing Preparation and Administration

While we all know that there is not one test that could possibly assess the greatness inside of our children, they are apart of our education system. Fortunately, they are having less and less weight as people see the lack of merit in depending too much upon them. Nevertheless, while they remain an aspect of the system, we must prepare our children to face the challenge and conquer it with confidence. Here at FBA, we are dedicated to helping all children excel on standardized testing. We prepare students for and are qualified to administer the following tests:


Iowa Tests


STARR- Preparation only


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