Hard Work Gets Rewarded!

This semester’s incentive includes the opportunity to be entered into the drawing for one of three gift cards. The cards include the following: (1) Sky Zone Card- $25, (1) Barnes & Noble Card- $10, or (1) Movie Card- $10. All students who complete the below requirements will be eligible to have their names placed into the box for the drawing. Three names will be selected from a box. The three persons will then randomly choose a gift card.


1.) Student must complete all homework assignments when assigned. If student is absent, he/she will be given the opportunity to complete the assignment no later than the week following his/her return to the campus.

2.) Student must complete all classwork- speech(es) and critical thinking exercises. Making a real effort on the CT exercises fulfills this requirement for the CT portion of the class.

3.) Student must not have any remarks regarding class conduct.





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