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Please find below a link to the Key Word Hunt exercise for 9/26/2016. I also have provided a link to some YouTube videos of the students. Please note that this link is unlisted to protect the privacy of the children. I ask that you do not share this link with anyone who is not in our class.

In order to assist the class in being able to successfully complete the KWH assignments, I am forwarding you these guidelines as well as some examples so that you may further explain the process to them at home.

Purpose of KWH

The purpose of a KWH is for students to use their critical thinking skills and learn how to find the most important pieces of information in a passage. These important pieces are those that will help that individual student remember the piece without having to recite it verbatim. Moreover, this process helps the students to work on their written and oral presentation skills.

Process of KWH

The way the process works is that the students are given a reading selection, right now we are going through the Book of Proverbs. The students are to read the selection for the day, and choose three key words per sentence to help them remember what the writing says. After finding those three words per sentence, they are to circle only those three words per sentence on the page that contains the actual passage. Once they have circled those three words per sentence on the page that contains the actual passage, they are then to write only those three words per sentence on the second sheet of paper that is used only for writing the three words per sentence. The second sheet should not have more than three words per sentence on it. Thus, if the section has eight sentences, there should be no more than 24 words on the paper. After writing the three words per sentence on the sheet that is dedicated only to writing down the selected three words per sentence, the students then do an oral presentation. During this presentation, they are only allowed to read from the second sheet of paper. This is the paper that has only the three words per sentence on it. During their presentation, they are to make complete sentences of the three words per sentence they have chosen. Unless the student has a photographic memory, his or her recitation will not be a verbatim reading, but it will contain the essence of the passage. Please follow the links below for an example of the passage page and the “three words only” page. You may also view some of the presentations from last week’s assignment.

Key Word Hunt Passage- 9/26/16

Key Word Hunt Words Only Page- 9/26/16 I am trying different things with the classes in order to help all of them be successful with this process; therefore, they used their own paper during the class on 9/26/16 for the “words only” page. This one is only a sample.

Key Word Hunt Passage- 9/19/16

Key Word Hunt Words Only Page- 9/19/16. This is the actual page that I provided the students.

YouTube Recordings– Speeches are from class on 9/19/16.

I will be sending home some sample passages so that you may practice this procedure at home with your student(s).

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