July 28, 2014 MiNiHol

Why Tony Dungy Was Right; Michael Sam Should Shut Up and Play Ball; Pam Oliver’s Demotion and Social Media, and More

On Air

The Quip Radio Show

July 23, 2014 

On this episode of the Quip questions are raised about people not being able to have a valid opinion without being persecuted by the media. Newsflash, everything is not because you are gay, black, or a white man, sometimes, you just aren’t qualified. Tony Dungy was right. Michael Sam is a distraction who is acting like a super star without having played one down in the NFL. Also I opine on whether the hate that was thrown towards Pam Oliver and her hair by some in the African American community led to her demotion at Fox. Listen to the re-play. If you prefer video, watch now.

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