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Nicole Huffman Hollins speaking at the M.O.M. Conference in New York about How Being a Sexual Abuse Survivor Affects Parenting. For more from Nicole, visit us at NicoleHuffmanHollins.com.

Nicole speaking at the M.O.M. Conference in New York.

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Attorney, Teacher, Speaker

A native Texan, Nicole holds a journalism degree and a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas at Austin. She uses her legal expertise to help veterans, families with special needs, and homeschooling parents protect their families’ legacies. With over 17 years of legal experience in mediation, family law, and probate, she is here to advocate for you. Do you need help securing your Texas Marital Property Rights? Are you a homeschooler who wants to make sure you are following the law? Looking for a special needs trust for your adult child with a disability? Do you want to represent yourself, but you have questions about courtroom etiquette? Nicole has you covered. In addition to her legal practice, She uses her passion and calling to serve others in her role as an ESL teacher for adult international students, writing instructor for elementary children, a certified mediator, and sexual abuse awareness and prevention advocate.

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  • THIS @THR story spin is why diversity in media outlets is needed. Some are great at creating the narrative they wan… https://t.co/JxUvarjrvK

    Nicole Huffman about 11 days ago
  • Everyone isn’t this gullible. Your article from #KareemAbdulJabbar was cute- and typical. That’s what your type of… https://t.co/BhCAIhjLyL

    Nicole Huffman about 11 days ago
  • @THR, it’s amazing how the White media has spun this entire thing to make @GayleKing a victim, and this about misog… https://t.co/jgYxXDJ7Zu

    Nicole Huffman about 11 days ago

Wait! Before You Say “I Do”

Now Available

Wait! Before You Say "I Do:" 800+ Questions to Ask & Answer Plus Important Documents to Consider." New book release by Nicole Huffman. Connect with me further at TexasLawAndMediation.com and NicoleHuffman.com.

Wait! Before You Say “I Do” 800+ Questions to Ask & Answer

Plus Important Documents to Consider,


Nicole Huffman, Attorney at Law

*New Release*

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Whether you are engaged, hope-to-be engaged, a premarital counselor, family lawyer, or any other person who has an interest in helping people have healthy relationships- before they enter them- this book was designed with you in mind. 


As the founder and operator of The Law Office of Nicole Huffman, I specialize in legacy creation and protection, pre-marital legal preparation, and family law mediations. This guide was produced for the sole purpose of keeping you out of my office and out of the courtroom. It is part of my continued efforts to help as many families as possible avoid unnecessary family drama and decrease the ballooning divorce rate. If used correctly, the exercises contained herein will assist the participating couple- before walking down the aisle- with proactively engaging with one another on issues including family of origin, relationship history, money matters, spiritual beliefs, experience with abuse, legal issues, medical background, and more. The questions are intended to be completed as a couple; however, if circumstances prevent this, they may be done alone. While I do not a guarantee this exercise will make your union last, if done truthfully, it will at minimum allow both parties to know what they are facing before making the commitment. As Benjamin Franklin once stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and a pre-marital break-up is easier- and cheaper- than a divorce.

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