January 25, 2015 MiNiHol

Natural Home Remedies for Mole Removal

Nikki Versus the Mole

Seemingly overnight, I grew this baby mole on my neck. The little thing hurt like I could not describe. I was always told to leave moles alone or you will bleed to death if they rupture, but I could not take it anymore. Alas! Google to the rescue. I went in search of natural home remedies and saw that there was one that included castor oil. I figured that I still had half a bottle left over from one of my natural hair challenges, so, “Why not?” I applied the oil and covered the tiny menace with a bandage. The remedy did not call for a covering; however, I was tired of accidentally scratching the thing. Did I mention how much it hurt? The next day, I read some more about natural home remedies and discovered a few sites adding baking soda to the equation. After removing the bandage, which also hurt because I taped it to my hair, I decided to try the baking soda and castor oil mix. I was so ready to have Baby Mole disappear, that I forgot I had not showered before applying the solution. Big sigh. To the shower I went. I cautiously avoided¬†the area until I forgot about my elixir at the very end. As I rubbed the towel over my neck, I gelt a burning sensation. The same burning I felt whenever I would touch the thing. Then, something glorious happened, I felt it detaching from my skin. When I removed the towel from my neck, Ms. Moley. I defeated the nuisance¬†in less than 48 hours.

If you are interested in natural remedies to remove moles, skin tags (more on this later), or warts, check out this link.

P.S. I do not endorse any of these remedies. You may have a different result.

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