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Peaceful Pain Standing

The Peaceful Pain Bible Study


Reclaim Your Life, Today!


Are you a divorced Christian who feels like you have a “Scarlet D” on your chest?  In addition to suffering the immense pain of a divorce, have you found yourself shunned, condemned, ridiculed, wrongly judged, or without support from your family, friends, or local church body?  With 56 pages and three hours of audio-visual content, the Peaceful Pain: 7 Truths to Help You Heal from Your Divorce (Enhanced E-Bible Study Book) will take you through a 30-day journey of praise, prayer, and fasting as you reclaim your life and free yourself from thoughts and behaviors that have led you down a path of bitterness, brokenness, depression, and despair.

Book Cover Three D

The Girlfriend Code: Ten Secrets to Living “Happily Ever After…” After a Break-up! 

Book Synopsis

The Girlfriend Code: Ten Secrets to Living “Happily Ever After…” After a Break-Up! takes you on a journey of self-exploration that lets you ask the questions and discover the answers.  It’s a no-holds-barred relationship help book that presses you to explore why things haven’t worked out as you planned- and why that’s okay.  While a break-up may seem like a disaster or a personal failure, it might actually be a gift.  Be prepared to laugh, sob, and spend time in deep introspection.  Along the way, you will learn some great self-esteem exercises and get practical break-up advice that you can put to use immediately.  So run, don’t walk- to learn these 10 secrets to turning a new page in your life.  The future is yours to write.  The time has come and gone for you to start writing that new book.  Order The Girlfriend Code today to start your new life now.

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Lifestyle Blueprint

The Lifestyle Blueprint (E-Manual)

Manual Synopsis

All of the exercises presented in The Blueprint must be thoughtfully considered as a part of your business plan or business model.  No matter at what stage you find yourself in business, completing these exercises can help you structure your business in a way that is personally and professionally profitable.  As The Blueprint has numerous writing exercises, it is suggested that you have a blank journal or spiral notebook.  Further, if you are married, it is recommended that The Blueprint be completed with your spouse.

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Webinars OnDemand

Lifestyle Upgrade 101: How to Build a Legacy Lifestyle Business

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Audio Bite Sized Legal Guides

Key Differences Between an LLC and an S Corp Audio Report

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Legal Tips for Choosing Your Business Structure Audio Report

Purchase Now– $14.97

Legal Tips for Self-Publishing E-Book Authors Audio Report

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